For four established solo musicians from the opposite parts of the country outskirts Melbourne, 2010 was the year when everything came together.

Louie & The Pride (All)

Louise MacGregor (folky singer/songwriter) had enjoyed success in her solo career over the last ten years, performing in many local festivals (Rock & Rebuild, Bollygum Music festival, Day On The Dirt, A Day For Healing, The Basin Womens’ Music Festival), winning a number of Open Mic grand finals (Jacks Bar Mt Eliza, The Grace Darling Hotel, Melbourne Fresh @Revolver, The Rochester Castle) and performing her song “Who Are You” live on Triple J in 2001, with the likes of Missy Higgins. This lead to the recording of her first Ep “More Than Me” which was well received if only circulated at a ground roots level.

2009 saw the birth of her first child and a subsequent ‘settling down’ to perform regularly closer to home, wowing audiences of the wineries of the Yarra Valley with her great friend Ben O’Connell, known broadly as The Fuzz. Ben’s flare for the dark blues had been adding unmistakable ‘flavour’ to venues throughout Melbourne and the Yarra Valley, both solo and teaming up with other established artists such as “Shoe Shine” and Ewan Cloonan. After a few jams at an Open Mic, Louise claimed him for herself. His music gave an edge and substance to her’s, which was until then, very pop/folk driven. They began performing together as Louie and the Fuzz.

During this time Louise’s sister in-law, Nova Marsh (lead singer of Amberdance) and Rob Grosden (Bass, Harmonica, Vocalist of Amberdance) had been soothing souls in Brunswick/Fitzroy with their unmistakable harmonies. They performed throughout regional victoria and in venues closer to home, often teaming up with Louise for a show or two.

Louie & The Pride (Ben)In 2010 The Fuzz was introduced to Rob and Nova and an instant friendship was born. Instruments like ukulele, melodica and djembe where added to the songs and with four very well blended voices, these songs began to live. Weekly jam sessions became weekend-long “band camps” on Louise’s Healesville veranda, which became gigs at local venues like Grind n Groove, more country-ish pubs like Panton hill, Melbourne venues like The Mofo Lounge,the Wesley Anne, events such as Day On The Dirt and the recording of their first songs with producer Mark Stanley. The songs were immediately loaded to Triple J Unearthed, where they sat high in the pop chart for weeks, “Wake Me Up” reaching number two!
2014 was spent recording, hitting higher profile gigs, folk festivals and more intensive writing, and in
2015 the trend continued upward with the much awaited release of the crowd funded album “Wake Me Up” and the start of the “Louie and the Pride by Lamplight tour”